Kaizena Updated – Now an Add-on

Kaizena was updated lasted night and is now accessible as an Add-on through Google Docs.  For those that are new to Kaizena, it is a way to leave voice and text comments in a Google Doc as well as include resources and tags related to the learning.  Leaving effective feedback should be a goal of all teachers and sometimes this means going beyond just text and leaving voice feedback.  

Sometimes we can say a lot more and get that across more easily than we can when we type.  Kaizena has been easy to use before and the use of it as an Add-on does add some ease of use as long as you set it up properly.  You do need students to install the Add-on and Chrome Extension but after they do that, they just need to run the Add-on when in the document to get the feedback that you have left them.
All of the features found at Kaizena.com are still there and you can still access them, you just have another way to provide the feedback that you want to give to students to help them in the learning process.  Kaizena has produced their own video detailing the updates at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpu6fzr2gH8 but you can watch the video I made below that shows how to use it from both the teacher and the “student” side.
No matter what tool you use, we should always be trying to find better ways to assist students in the learning process.  Proper feedback that helps them improve and grow as learners is worth a lot more than just leaving a score.  We want our students to be in the mindset of growth and learning and not just in the mindset of “getting it done so I can move on”.

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