ITEC 2014 = Success!

itec presentation 2014

(Thanks to @sandirankin for taking this picture of me presenting)

Finally had some time to reflect and recover a bit mentally from ITEC and I am certain that it was a great success for me.  I thought both of my presentations went well and I had some great conversations with others that will help me stay on my path of a growth mindset.  I even went to some great sessions and learned a lot, my head is still feeling full which is always a good thing.

My first presentation was on Monday, Differentiation Using Google Apps, during the last session and it was my largest audience yet, at over 100 people.  There were even people standing because there were no more seats.  The tech worked for the most part and I got a lot of great questions.  People seemed to be very engaged and I got a lot of positive feedback from those in my session and from people who heard from others.  The large audience did make me a bit nervous but I think I kept my speaking rate below 100 words a second so I will consider that also a success.

My second presentation, Digital Tools for Admin and Instructional Leaders, was during the first session on Tuesday and although it had a smaller audience, it was more engaging due to things I did and the ability to focus on more questions.  I included a little gimmick to help focus on why I think using paper for things that are supposed to reflect learning, like individual professional development/growth plans, is ineffective if we are looking at continual and meaningful growth.  I tried to present more like a pirate, thank you Dave Burgess, but I still have a ways to go.

Overall, my sessions went well, I learned a lot, had great conversations and continue to grow and improve my PLN.  I was able to meet up with people I have only connected with online and I was able to meet a lot of new people.  I got to listen to Adam Bellow and Peter Reynolds give great keynotes, definitely both inspiring and thought provoking.  I even won an iPad at the closing event.  ITEC is always my favorite Iowa conference and I hope I will continue working on my presentation skills as I present at TIES in Minnesota in December and hopefully other conferences as I keep applying.

Updated! = Forgot to add that this was also my first conference where I was using Voxer to connect with others at the conference. I really enjoyed sharing ideas, posing questions and reflecting with a group using a tool like Voxer. I think it will definitely be something I try at future conferences. Big thanks to those I was voxing with.

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