AHS Tech Times Biweekly Newsletter

One of things I took away from ITEC this week was some advice from Brian Abeling (@wdmTECH) about how they developed their tech newsletter for teachers.  I had been working on a similar idea ranging form a weekly video podcast to a newsletter like this to better share some of the tech tips and updates with teachers.  What they found out during their implementation and modification of their newsletter helped me focus better on what I needed to do to make my newsletter an effective resource for teachers.

My goal for this is to make sure that every teacher has access to the resources that I am creating and sharing out.  Many do not know what all is out there and what updates have come out.  They may not be aware that something they were not able to do easily a few months ago is now made really simple by an update or a new tool.  I put all of my resources onto my tech tips site for the school but there is becoming a lot of stuff there so I still need to simplify things for many.

The newsletter can be seen below and was emailed to all staff at the high school today.  I plan on only doing this every other week as to not overdue it and make it more meaningful when they get it.

This is one action item to come out of what I learned and discussed while at ITEC.  There are a few more things to come out of it but I need more time to work on them, this just happened to be something I could implement today.


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