Correct Way to Have Multiple Google Accounts in Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your main internet browser, as you should, you may have run into situations where you had to switch to a different Google account.  There is a way to add an account while in Gmail or other apps but this is not the best way to do this as it can cause issues when you are trying to access various Google Apps like Sites or Forms.  

The best way to do this is to set up different users in the Preferences settings.  This way you can easily open a new window that is logged into a different Google account by just clicking on the icon in the upper right.  I currently have 5 different accounts on mine and I need to switch often so this helps save me time from having to log in and I do not run into the issues you would just by adding an account.  The window that opens up when you click on the user icon will have your bookmarks and preferences for that account so you can always access them no matter what device you are on.
Follow these steps to set up the user accounts.
1.  Click on “Chrome” in the top row and select “Preferences”.
2.  Select “Add new users” in the Users section.  Enter your Google account information and select an icon for that account.
3.  Now you can easily switch between your different accounts just by clicking on the correct icon in the upper right and a new window will open up with that account information.  (you will also see that at the bottom of the icon selection window there is a way to add new users if you need to add more later)

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