Be Thankful For Those That Share (includes a challenge)

As we get ready to start our shortened week due to Thanksgiving, I thought I would reflect on something I am very thankful for.  I would not have survived my first couple of years of teaching if it wasn’t for other teachers sharing with me everyday.  I worked with a great bunch of teachers during those first couple of years that would spend their lunch breaks and time after school sharing with me.  They would share more than just lessons and resources with me, they would share with me what they had learned from teaching and they would share what they thought would help me as I kept improving as a teacher.  When I left that school after 3 years, I made sure to thank them profusely for all that they did, without their sharing I doubt I would have survived.

I have made it a point to share as much as I can as a teacher, not because I think I am an expert or that I have all of the answers, but because I am hoping to repay all that I received as a teacher.  In my 11 years of teaching I feel that I do have some stuff to share, some that were successful and some that were not successful.  My ideas are my own and people may disagree, but even the act of sharing my ideas may start a conversation that can lead to growth, both for someone else and for me.  I also share what others have done, whether they are sharing it or if they have not shared it on social media themselves but are open to that.

My challenge for others this Thanksgiving week is to share out something.  Share out something that worked in your classroom, something that did not work, something that your students created or even something that you saw happen in another classroom.  Maybe you even have your students share out what they want to learn, what they have learned or something they would like to see happen differently in their school.  You can also get someone else to share out, someone who normally does not do much sharing.  Share out something to repay all those teachers who shared with you, and have a great 4 day weekend with family and friends.  Come back refreshed and ready to have a great 3 weeks before winter break.

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