Google Classroom Introduction – Updated 1-20-15

Google updated Classroom last week and added some features that teachers were asking for.  (This shows that Google is listening to the feedback that teachers are leaving and that if there is a feature you want, make sure to suggest it.)  Classroom now gives you a way to view all assignments in one place, for all classes or just a particular class.  There is also a mobile app available for both iOS and Android.  Two nice features in the mobile apps are the ability to take a picture to add to an assignment directly and the ability to share files from the other Google Apps on your device to the Classroom app.  You can find out more about the updates at the Google for Education blog,

Since Google has updated Classroom quite a bit since my original introduction video, I redid that video to show the basics of getting started with Classroom.  I also included some information about the updates.  If you have not yet tried out Classroom as a way to easily manage the creation/sharing of files with students and as a way to provide feedback or conduct online discussions, watch the video and give Classroom a try.  Remember to give feedback using the question mark at the bottom of the page to help improve Classroom.

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