Create Animated Gifs Using Snagit

Animated GIFs are great tools to show students/teachers/others how to do something without having to create a full video to host online. You can quickly create animated GIFs using Snagit for Chrome,,  by doing a quick screencast and then converting it into an animated GIFs. There are other extensions, like MakeGif (, that allow you to capture part of online videos, like YouTube, to convert part of it into an animated GIF.  Snagit allows you to do a screen capture video and convert that into an animated GIF.

If you want to put the animated GIF onto your Google Site, you need to use the link to the file, but for other uses you can just download and insert it.  I use animated GIFs all the time for my presentations so I do not have to leave the presentation to show them how to do something.  You can easily use this with students as part of instructions or when you are trying to help someone else learn how to do something quickly.Watch the video below to see how you can do this easily.

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