Flipboard to Move Beyond the Textbook

While a textbook can be a good resource, it no longer has to be our only resource.  Curation tools, like Flipboard, can help you to put together resources to help your students learn.  There are many resources out there are that are more up to date than a textbook or more engaging.  We can find resources that help all levels of readers in our classroom while also using resources that are more interactive and responsive to students.  We can even collaborate using the curation tool to work with another teacher to maximize our time.

Flipboard is one of the best curation tools out there in terms of aesthetics and ease of use.  Using a Chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/%2B-flip-it/fbmppankahdodchhioklnbcmohehhjoa?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon) you can quickly add any website to your magazine (except for Google docs, sheets, slides, drawings).  Students can access the Flipboard magazine using the link or by following your magazine with their own account.  The magazines look great, both online and using a dedicated smartphone or tablet app.  You could create magazines for each section, unit, term, or whichever way you want.

The following are all Flipboards that I have created or collaborated on.

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