Digital Portfolios

classroom applications

One of the things I disliked the most about teaching, was the constant collections I seemed to acquire throughout the school year.  Students would turn in things and many would get handed back, but some would just collect dust.  I remember during my first year of teaching buying a box with a handle so I could lug my papers home with me to work on each night.  With the introduction of laptops into the equation, my life changed and my box got thrown out.  I could take advantage of digital portfolios to keep track of student progress and to have them reflect on their own learning.  I changed the activities we did and how I assessed my students.  Gone were the worksheets and in came new activities that allowed my students to create.  There are many ways you can create and make use of digital portfolios (also referred to as e-portfolios), and I will discuss the four below in the video.  Extra resources can be found below the video.





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