Tour Builder in Google Earth

classroom applications

Google just released the Google Earth Tour Builder tool to allow you to create your own tours in Google Earth.  As a science teacher I have used Google Earth in many ways, sometimes just to show students where something is and how it really looks, but this new tool opens it up to even more options for use in the classroom.  Google Earth allows you to travel the world and see places you never thought about, places where the events of history and literature take place, places where the forces of nature are shaping the landscape in exciting ways, and places where they might find a connection to what they are learning in the classroom.

Creating a tour could be something either a teacher or a student does to further explain/teach/discover the content in the classroom.  It is another way that we can make those connections and create an engaging learning environment.  
Go to to find out more about the Tour Builder and watch the video below to see some uses.  The video also does a great job of explaining the role of technology in our classrooms today.



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