Case Study 4: Using Formative Assessments (Replace Exit Slips)

classroom applications

Case Study in relation to lessons/activities that have been changed before and after 1:1 implementation.  Technology use not for technology sake but in order to increase effectiveness and/or efficiency.  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent or I just made up the whole thing from a mixture of examples that I have observed.)

  • Mrs. Smith has always used exit slips to gauge her students’ understanding or to get quick feedback from her students.  She would normally have the students use a half sheet of paper and answer the questions on the board.  She would collect their answers as they left the room for the day and she would read them later that day.

  • If Mrs. Smith wanted to do some analyzing of the answers, she would have to copy down answers or key a log of right vs wrong answers.  She wishes she had a way to do this more quickly so she can use the data more effectively the next day.  Sometimes she would run out of time before class the next day and would not get to really get a good look at the data until it almost seemed too late.  

  • She explained this to another teacher who then showed her how they were doing exit slips using Google Forms.  The other teacher would create a Google Form ahead of time and would share the link, or post it on her website, with her students so they could fill it out during class or at the end of class.  She even used a URL shortener to create an easier web address for the students to enter if she did not put the link online for them.  The students would fill out the form and she would use the “Show summary of responses” tool to quickly analyze the data.  She could even use a filter function to pull out the information for those students that did poorly.  She also heard of something called Flubaroo which would help grade the exit slips, and provide feedback for the students, that she was doing in Google Forms.  

  • Mrs. Smith created her first form and then used the “View live form” button to enter some test data.  She played around with her questions and the setup until she liked what she had.  The next day she gave her students the link and they entered their data into the form.  Mrs. Smith was able to use the “View summary of responses” tool to quickly see which questions the students were doing well on and which ones they needed help with.  She was even able to quickly see which students missed which questions so she could help those students the next day.  She was able to not only save a lot of time with this tool but she was also able to save the data for later use.  She was curious how the same form would look a week later if the students took it again.  She had lots of ideas for how to use this data, much more than if she just did her paper exit slip.  This tool was not only efficient, but it was also more effective than her previous way.  She was able to create a better learning environment because she was more quickly able to adjust her teaching to better meet the exact needs of her students.


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