3 Chrome Extensions for Chrome Screenshots

There are many tools out there to easily capture what is on your browser screen but the power comes in being able to annotate and then share out those screenshots.  The following extensions will definitely save you time and make it easier to point out things online.

In no particular order.
-Able to capture the whole page or any portion, annotate and then share it out.  Files can be shared out using a link or downloaded.
-Part of the Evernote group of tools, whole pages can be capture and then annotated using a wide variety of tools.  Can then be saved to your Notebook and shared out.
-Newer option so many new options can still come out.  Easy to use and there are lots of annotation options.  Whole screen or part of the screen.
Other option for Mac OS X:  If you do not want to use a Chrome extension, the simplest way is to just hit Command+Shift+4 to capture part of the screen or Command+Shift+3 to capture the whole screen.  Using Preview you can annotate using a few basic tools and then save the file to your desktop to be shared out how you like.


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