Updated Doctopus and gClassfolders using Add-Ons

With the introduction of the Add-ons into Google Docs and Sheets, we can now finally use our favorite script Doctopus with the new Google Sheets.  Not only can we use it but it has been updated to include more features built in and make it even easier to use than before.  The main idea with Doctopus is that you can easily create a document for each of your students, that is a copy of a template document, and have control over that document so that you do not need them to share it with you since it is already shared with you.  

One key update is that you do not need to keep a copy of your roster around for each time you use Doctopus.  Once you enter your roster the first time, the roster will be saved inside of Doctopus.  And since the Add-ons are installed on every document and sheet you now use, it will automatically be there.  This saves a good amount of time each time you want to use Doctopus.
Another key update is that gClassfolders is built into Doctopus so you can quickly and easily create shared folders with your students and have your Doctopus files automatically be placed into those folders.
Watch the videos below to get started.
1.  Getting Started with the new Doctopus.


2.  Using gClassfolders option in the new Doctopus.


3.  Sharing with multiple sections at a time.  (Roster size is limited to 40 students but you can share with multiple rosters at once.)


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