New Google Drive – With Office File Editing

Google has released an update to their Drive app and everyone is able to make the change now before it is made for you.  The only issue is that it did not work great on my school account but it worked perfectly on my personal account.  There are some added features that some will really like and it does make it a bit easier to work for some aspects.

Google has published a few blog posts about the new Drive, including the ability to edit files from Microsoft Office without converting them first.

As with any update from Google, you can test drive it now by clicking the gear icon in the upper left.  You can also go back to the old Drive for now, but I am sure everyone will be pushed to the new Drive at some point.  If you want to be able to edit Office files in your Drive without converting them first, you need to move to the new Drive and then also install this Chrome extension.  It pretty much allows you to use Quick Office to edit the file and save it.  
Watch the video below to see how it works.



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