Biweekly Newsletter #4

(Apparently I have been forgetting to post the newsletters that I send out to the staff I work with onto this blog.  I removed the stuff that pertains only to them and will post the old newsletters all at once.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.42.51 PM.png

Tuesday, November 25th

  1. Getting rid of notifications in Mac App Store – Simple step to get rid of the notifications about updates in the Mac App Store.

  2. Better Feedback: Paper vs Google Docs – Google Docs make it easier to give more effective feedback than a physical piece of paper.

  3. Searching Tips page for students, and staff – Page for students, and staff, about how to search more effectively using Google.

  4. Google Search by Reading Level – adjust the search results based on reading levels of the text.

  5. Fun stuff for kids to do – Some fun things you can do with kids over break using some free apps.  Includes augmented reality and problem solving apps.

  6. Register for Edcamp Iowa – Edcamps are great ways to learn and connect with others in a less formal space.  Edcamp Iowa is in 5 locations across the state on January 31st.

Remember you can see all of the previous newsletters on the AHS/AMS Tech Tips site at

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