Biweekly Newsletters #3

(Apparently I have been forgetting to post the newsletters that I send out to the staff I work with onto this blog.  I removed the stuff that pertains only to them and will post the old newsletters all at once.)

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Thursday, November 13


Welcome to the third AHS Tech Times newsletter.


  1. Self-paced Google Apps in Teaching class – Online course to help get started and go further using Google Apps.

  2. Awesometables page – Find tools you need using the Awesometables page or add your own using the Google Form link on the page.

  3. Create custom Google search engines – Create your own list of sites for students to search from to help them get started.

  4. 3 Google Drive Updates – post that details 3 important updates to Google Drive, including why it might look different for some of you.

  5. Filter Reading Level in Google Search

  6. ITEC Keynote videos – Adam Bellow and Peter H. Reynolds

  7. Register for Edcamp Iowa – Edcamps are great ways to learn and connect with others in a less formal space.  Edcamp Iowa is in 5 locations across the state on January 31st.

Sidenote: If you are interested in recording part of a class period or something for use later, I have a device that we can use to do this easily using an iPad or any newer mobile device with a camera.  It is for the Instructional Coaches but I will have it at times if there is a need.  It is called a Swivl, see me for more information.

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