Biweekly Newsletter #5

(Apparently I have been forgetting to post the newsletters that I send out to the staff I work with onto this blog.  I removed the stuff that pertains only to them and will post the old newsletters all at once.)


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.42.51 PM.png

Friday, December 12


  1. Update to Google Docs – You can now merge table cells in a doc.

  2. New Semester = Great time to try Classroom!

  3. Can’t attach Numbers, Pages or Keynote files through Gmail. – Gmail does not recognize the file types and no files will be sent if you are trying to send iWork files, use Drive instead.

  4. Curate Resources for Student Differentiation – Have resources ready for students to help them improve or advance more easily using curation tools.

  5. Tips for Classroom Videos Creation

  6. Google Santa Tracker – Fun activities for little ones as they prepare for Santa.  Even includes some learning activities such as coding.

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