Biweekly Newsletters #2

(Apparently I have been forgetting to post the newsletters that I send out to the staff I work with onto this blog.  I removed the stuff that pertains only to them and will post the old newsletters all at once.)

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Friday, October 31


Welcome to the second AHS Tech Times newsletter.


  1. Add-ons in Google Forms – Add-ons were added for Forms and now give you more options/abilities than before.


  1. Correct way to have multiple accounts in Chrome – Best way to have multiple Google accounts in Chrome for quick access.


  1. Google Drive Offline – Don’t let an outage online affect your ability to get to your files, be able to access the files in your Drive while you or Drive are offline.


  1. Padlet use in the classroom for collaboration – Padlet is a great collaboration/curation/creation tool with many uses in the classrooms. There are even some new updates to padlet.


  1. Google Docs Research Tool – Students can more easily keep track of their resources and sites using the built-in research tool in Google Docs.


  1. New Google Drive – The updated Google Drive adds a lot of functionality and even the ability to edit Word files without converting them.


If you have any topic or idea that you would like added to the newsletter, please fill out this form and I will add it for next time.


All previous newsletters are also posted on our AHS/AMS Tech Innovation site.

And don’t forget you can find lots of curated articles about digital tools, Google Apps and formative assessment on my Flipboard page.

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