Zaption Presenter Tools

Zaption, a tool that allowed you to embed questions and student feedback into a video, has come out with some updated tools that are useful for a whole-class activity.  Now, if you are going to show a video to your class, keep it short and to the point.  There is hardly a time where we need to spend a whole class period watching one video when there may only be at most 5-10 minutes of stuff we need to see or discuss.  Focused instruction is better than just wasting time to watch something.

You first have to create a video set in Zaption that has questions in it to begin.  Instead of giving students the link to do as homework or as an assignment, you click on the Present button to start it on your computer.  You can project this onto the screen and the students can go to the site using the link and code in the presentation.  Students do not need accounts to participate but they can or they could just enter their name instead.  As you reach the questions in the video, the questions will also appear on the student’s device.  They select their answer or write it out if it is not a multiple choice question and all of the answers will appear on your screen.  You can then discuss the answers with the students or move onto the next part.  The teacher can also add questions on the fly or pause and use the drawing tool to annotate the screen or write something out.

This tool also allows students to “raise their hand” by typing out a question they have.  This could make it much easier for some students to ask questions by using the program instead of raising their hand in the class.  Their questions are just as important but due to nervousness or fear, they may not normally ask them.  I am always looking for ways to make sure we can engage all learners, especially those that do not feel comfortable asking questions or talking in front of the whole class.

You can see Zaption’s own video explaining this new tool by going to here or you can watch my video below which includes the student view on my iPad.

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