Green Screen on a Budget

One of my favorite outcomes of technology being so readily available and cheaper for students to use, is that our students can make use of green screens in videos that they create.  There are so many apps or programs out there that have the ability to do the green screen effect well that this is something that almost everyone can do.  You can do this easily without having to know a lot about video editing.  

Last year I purchased some green fabric to have around for when I, or other teachers, wanted to have a cheap green screen.  I spent a whole $12 on my fabric and can make use of the software that is already on our device (iMovie) as well as the camera on my computer or my phone to quickly create a green screen effect video.  While the cheap and easy software may not do a perfect job of removing the green, or in some cases whatever color you pick, but it does a good enough job for what most of our students will create.  You can use Do Ink on an iPad or WeVideo on a Chromebook to do the same thing.  While Do Ink is a paid app, it is still cheap, and you should purchase the package for WeVideo in order to do all that you want.  Luckily WeVideo is part of the Creative Suite that Google offered starting last year, which includes Soundtrap and Explain Everything, and is a must buy if you have Chromebooks.  

The beauty of being able to do a green screen effect on a budget is that we can easily just let our students use their own creativity in order to create what they want to.  They can decide the backgrounds and instead of just presenting about a volcano, it can look like they are at one.  They can easily create their own newscast and have it look like they are behind an actual news desk.  You can have students act out a play while appearing to be in any setting they want, including many famous theaters.  You can easily find some videos to use too and use them as your background so there is a lot that you can do.  I can easily see Kindergarten students doing this, which means that any of our students can do this.  

Go out and buy your fabric or paint and let your students create using their creativity (2 of the 4 C’s).  They can easily collaborate (another one of the 4C’s) as they communicate (last of the 4C’s) out their ideas and creations.  

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